The Unborn MC

The Unborn MC (TUMC) is a multi-chapter club in GTA. It was founded in San Andreas by a group of 4 outlaw bikers who didn't felt connected to the meth heads The Lost MC. They founded a club by their own and started to make a living out of it by selling guns which they bought from the Russians and Irish.

They also provided protection and loans to local shops and stores and provided hired muscle to whoever needed it. Of course, The Lost MC didn't accept this kind of behavior in their backyard but after a short but firm war the clubs came to a truce. Nowadays the club got 25 chapters up and running all over the states and chapters in 17 other countries with a total of 37 chapters there.

The thing that makes TUMC stand out the most compared to other MCs is the way we do things.

We're not a TDM crew but we're not scared of a fight either. We stay away from social club drama as much as possible.

We try to find the perfect balance between being a laidback club and a proper 1%er.

And we're much closer than most other clubs by far. Brotherhood is very important here.

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