Patch-wearing clubs have a formal hierarchy with a structure that is similar in most clubs. The positions of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and sergeant at arms a between others re known as “officers”.

A new officer is elected whenever an existing office-holder is unable to carry out his job properly, usually due to imprisonment or sickness (motorcycle crashes etc.).

Each chapter has its own set of officers. A “chapter” is a group of members under the control of one president.


The Prez is the leader of the chapter. He is the club’s figurehead and is usually the spokesman when dealing with the police or the media. The Prez is the chairman at club meetings and represents the chapter at all meetings.


The vice president is second in charge and fills in when the president is away. The vice Prez is often the heir apparent to the clubs leadership although this isn’t always the case. It’s his job to make sure that matters passed at club meetings are carried out satisfactorily.


The sergeant at arms is basically the club’s “policeman” although most would not like to be referred to in this way! He enforces club procedures and maintains order at club meetings. The sergeant oversees security at club’s events and he is responsible for “backups” (attacks on rivals). The sergeant looks after the club’s firearms and other weapons.
The sergeant at arms is sometimes known as the “master of arms”, (although “sergeant at arms” has become much more common). The sergeant wears a military style sergeant’s badge.


The Enforcers are here to help the Sergeant at Arms in this job, mainly they are here to stand guard in meeting or in events, somehow they’re the security.


The secretary is responsible for the clubs paperwork. He keeps minutes of meetings and records dates of significant events, such as anniversary dates (when prospects gain their patch). He corresponds with other gangs and it’s his job to keep members informed of upcoming events. The secretary is usually responsible for keeping records of club assets although the treasurer will do this in some clubs. The positions of secretary and treasurer are often combined if no other member can be found to complete the job.


The treasurer is the chapters’ money-man and he’s in charge of collecting club fees, run funds etc. and paying the bills. The treasurer is responsible for collecting any debts owed to the club and usually gets the job of checking out business opportunities prior to any decisions being made. The treasurer is usually the person who handles the proceeds of a clubs illegal activity.
The positions of secretary and treasurer are often combined if no other member can be found to complete the job.


The Wise One, also known as “Chaplain” in other clubs often looks after the spiritual needs of club members, helps out when someone goes to the big house ( jail ), conducts marriages rides, funerals etc…


Most motorcycle clubs have a position known as Road Captain. He oversees logistics during a club run. He plans the route and organizes refueling stops etc. The Road Captain rides at the front and leads the pack with the president. The position of Road Captain is usually a “non-executive” position.


Patch members are members of the club who have earned the right to wear the club patch after a suitable period spent “prospecting”. They take part in the running of the club and attend the clubs weekly meeting. They are commonly referred to as “members” or, in some clubs, “patches”.


A Nomad is a club member who does not belong to any specific chapter, yet has privileges in all charters (which means he’s always welcome in any Chapter)


A prospect is someone who is yet to earn his patch. Prospects are expected to do what they are told and follow the orders of patch members. They must be prepared to engage in illegal activities to prove their loyalty to the club. Prospects have no voting rights and do not attend meetings unless invited in.