Riding Formation:

1. Every death head represents one biker.
2. If someone drives something else then a bike from the allowed bikes list. And this is accepted by the highest member in session. he will drive after all the others no matter what his rank is.
3. if a member falls of everybody behind him will stop. the rest of the formation continues slow. So NEVER pass the guy in front of you!
4. Always stay in the same line (left or right from of the highest member in session)
5. The chapter you are in doesn't influence your spot in the formation.
6. the highest member in session is determined by rank. if there are 2 members with the same rank in session then the one from the mother chapter will be considered the highest member in session.
7. We ride formation for long periods of time.

Road Captain Duties:
1. the Road Captain is to make sure whenever someone crashes all the guys behind that person pull over.
2. the road captain will provide lifts if necessary.
3. the road captain can ride either as an officer in the formation, or as rear guard.
4. when the road captain rides as rear guard, he has to make sure everyone stays in formation.
5. the road captain has to check all bikes before the start of a ride.
6. if someone doesn't have an allowed vehicle, the road captain must help him to get one.
7. the road captain must help plan the route during crewrides.