Role play Sessions

There are two types of role play sessions.

We’ve got the big story arc role play sessions, and the small rp sessions.

Once we start with the big story arcs we’ll have about 5/6 sessions from about an hour every week per story arc.

However, this requires people who can be there every week and we’re going to need people who are willing to play non-TUMC roles.

Further info about this topic can be found on the Blaine County chapter feed on social club.


Story Arc rules:                                                                              Improvised Sessions:

  1. Only use the weapon allowed by your team’s leader at the start of each session. you can pick a gun from the available classes. For example, available classes are snipers and AR. Then you can’t carry both a sniper and an AR. only one of the two. you also can’t carry more of one class. So, no special and regular carbine, just one of the two.  The leader will point out which guns are allowed at the start of each session. both teams don’t always have the same weapons.
  1. Don’t change your weapons class unless you’re at a gang car or club hangout. (bikers have their clubhouse and a van for example)
  2. If your gang car gets destroyed / captured you will only be able to switch gun class at your clubhouse
  3. Strictly do as your team leader says! Listen well !
  4. Always turn off your radar. (settings)
  5. You can use both first and third person view however 1st person tends to be more fun.
  6. Every team has their own party chat and can’t communicate with the other team.
  7. Only the team leaders can communicate with each other and keep their radar turned on.
  8. If someone is too far away, they are not allowed to talk in the party. only in game text / calling
  9. Dress the way your team leader wants you too. (when you’re a mobster don’t show up as a biker and when you’re a gangster don’t show up as a hipster etc.
  10. After a fight is over, you follow your leader and regroup. That buys the other team some time to get to the location for the next part of the story.
  11. Session will always be FREE AIM!
  12. Your MAIN GOAL is not to make KILLS, but to SURVIVE! Miss most of your shots on the other team on purpose, just spray and pray.

Everybody has 4 lives, if you are out of lives, you go into passive mode and wait until the fight is over.

A fight ends if one of the leaders orders to retreat, which the entire team has to obey, or if all the other enemies are in passive mode.

Dying because of npc’s or cops counts as well !

  1. Leaders can’t ‘die’ unless your team has been told so at the start of an attack by your own leader.
  2. change your vehicle access to everyone before a session starts.
  3. all sessions are in invite only lobbies.
  4. stick to the type of vehicles your type of gang should use, unless you try to make a quick random escape / getaway car etc. or if your team leader tells you to use a different vehicle.