Club rules:

(If you break the rules, the President or the Council will decide your punishment)


1.1 No crew killing.

1.2 Look and act like a biker always. (To be a real MC member your character must be male)

1.3 The President or Vice President can patch a member by having a church vote about it with his chapter.

1.4 You must put the crew always on active.

1.5 When you get invited to a crew session, you should join as much as possible.

1.6 Never purposely use hacks, cheats mods, if they are to help you gain an advantage over others. If it’s not your fault (for example, a hacker doing a money drop on you) you won’t be punished for it).

1.7 Every member should always wear their kute.


2.1 Every member is free to organize meetings and crew sessions.

2.2 If an entire MC gets patched over, they are not required to prospect.

2.3 If you wish to leave the MC, you must discuss this with your chapter President or Vice President first.

2.4 If there is another member who doesn’t live by the rules, message your chapter Sergeant at arms or Enforcer. Do not post about it anywhere else.

2.6 When a member leaves, the President decides if it’s on a good or bad standing. Prospects can leave whenever they want, but can get a bad standing. if a president wants to he can vote about it as well.

2.7 The Council can change the standing of any member given by another president.

2.8 The Council can overrule any president decision.

2.9 The Council can take decisions without voting.

2.10 The Council can overrule votes.

3.1 When a rule is still in church, it will become active when majority vote passes on the rule at that moment.

3.2 Church will be held every two weeks on a sunday.

3.3 Every member is free to send a subject for church to the President. Only the President can start a church meeting and subject.

3.4 Every member of The Unborn MC has one vote on every church subject(unless there are poxy votes).

3.5 Only chapter members may vote on chapter church meetings.

3.6 Changing the laws of the club can only be done by a vote on a Council level.


4.1 Riding formation: 1 2 2 2. The highest member in the session rides in front, followed by other leaders, members, prospects and hang arounds.

4.2 While riding with brothers, always stay in formation unless stated otherwise.

4.3 You are only allowed to break formation if the guy who rides in front starts shooting at enemies. After the shooting, get back in formation.

4.4 Formation hierarchy: Presidents, officers, members, prospects, hang-arounds.

4.5 Every member should own a chopper style motorcycle.


5.1 The officers are: President, Vice President, Sergeant at Arms, Secretary, Treasurer & Road Captain (this is in order of rank). If there are 2 officers of the same rank in the session then formation is

5.2 In absence of the President, the next in command follows in order of rank (President, President, Vice President, Sgt, Secretary, Treasurer).

5.3 Always listen to the orders of higher ranked members.


6.3 All prospects must wear the prospect patch at all times.

6.4 A prospect must do whatever a member tells him to, no matter which chapter the member is part of. (unless against the rules, in that case inform your chapter president or vp)

6.5 Prospecting is for a minimum of two weeks.

6.6 Prospects will be given a mentor.


7.1 if you want to rejoin and you have a good standing then the chapter vote will be: Patch / Prospect.

7.2 if you want to rejoin and you have a bad standing then the club vote will be: bad standing/no-standing

7.3 if you want to rejoin and you have no-standing then the chapter vote will be either: Good standing / Bad standing or prospect / not welcome.

7.4 Council can overrule any standings given by a chapter president.


8.1 If you want to join but you can’t play regularly, it is possible to join our Nomad charter.

8.2 If you want to join, but your character is female, you can join the Old Lady charter.  More info available on their respective charter page.



President: Oversee all chapter businesses and tasks

Vice President: Assist the president in all his tasks and do his tasks during the presidents absent.

Sergeant at arms: Enforce the club rules, head of protection. In charge of organizing and setting up fights.

Secretary: Keep track of the prospects and mentor them. Help recruiting members on a daily basis.

Treasurer: Check if all the members have the MC on active and keep track of finance and split profits during work/heists. Handles all bounties.

Road Captain: Help plan the route for pleasure rides and ride behind the others to make sure everyone stays in formation.

Enforcer: Acts as bodyguard during meetings. Right hand man of the Sgt at Arms.