War and Fighting Rules
not following the rules will have consequences !

Basic Rules: 
-Never use glitches
-Neve Lie
-Never use weak tricks
-Never use military vehicles (Tanks, Jets etc)
-Never call in Merryweather
-Whenever you find someone cheating or using glitches, report it and expose him, but don’t break the rules yourself.

-Never use super high-end vehicles. try using the vehicles on this list down below as much as possible.

SAMCR0 Rules:
-Stay friendly and respectfull. (also outside of fights)
-No Patchpics
-Don’t talk shit about others.
-No insults.
-No bullshitting.
-Never lie.
-It’s ok to be competitive, but stay respectfull.
-it’s ok to join their sessions and attack.
-if you attack them and they don’t want to, you LEAVE !
-when you get jumped but don’t want to fight, say: not now ! and they will leave.

Allowed Weapons:

-Assault Rifle
-Carbine Rifle
-Special Carbine Rifle
-Sawed-off Shotgun
-Pump Shotgun
*ONLY use snipers if the enemy is fleeing and out of range for other weapons.

Allowed Vehicles:
Vans (Gang Burrito, Speedo etc)
Other Biker-looking vehicles.